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raku Clays

West Michigan Clay carries a fine selection of low fire, mid fire, high fire, porcelain, white stoneware,  raku and sculpture clays from Standard Ceramic Supply Company and Laguna Clay Company.

C/06 Raku                                  C/6 Ox.

239 Raku Clay - C/04-6


An open clay body specially formulated to withstand the thermal shock of Raku firing. Contains sand.
Shrinkage:  8% at C/04, 13% at C/6.
Absorption:  17% at C/04, 4.5% at C/6.

C/06 Raku

295 Raku Body with Kyanite Clay - C/06


Good for larger pieces. The addition of kyanite increases the strength of this body.
Shrinkage:  5% at C/06.
Absorption:  7.4% at C/06.