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West Michigan Clay carries a fine selection of low fire, mid fire, high fire, porcelain, white stoneware,  raku and sculpture clays from Standard Ceramic Supply Company and Laguna Clay Company.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

C/06 Raku

295 Raku Body with Kyanite Clay - C/06


Good for larger pieces. The addition of kyanite increases the strength of this body.
Shrinkage:  5% at C/06.
Absorption:  7.4% at C/06.

C/06 Raku                                  C/6 Ox.

239 Raku Clay - C/04-6


An open clay body specially formulated to withstand the thermal shock of Raku firing. Contains sand.
Shrinkage:  8% at C/04, 13% at C/6.
Absorption:  17% at C/04, 4.5% at C/6.

raku Clays