621 Troy Woodfire  Clay - C/10+


Woodfire body formulated with Helmer kaolin. Very plastic throwing body, Excellent flashing results.
Shrinkage:  12% at Cone 10, Absorption:  0.4% at C/10
Sample was woodfired without glaze.

C/10 Ox.                      C/10 R.

130 Porcelain Clay - C/7-10

A white firing, high temperature plastic body. Very fine white porcelain grog enhances strength and throwability.
Shrinkage:  10% at C/7, 12% at C/10.
Absorption:  .75% at C/7, .5% at C/10.

Porcelain & White Stoneware Clays

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West Michigan Clay carries a fine selection of low fire, mid fire, high fire, porcelain, white stoneware,  raku and sculpture clays from Standard Ceramic Supply Company and Laguna Clay Company.

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C/6 Ox.                       C/10 Ox.                  C/10 R. 

182 White Stoneware Clay - C/6-10

182G White Stoneware w/Grog - C/6-10


Near white plastic stoneware body. Good for use with bright glazes. Available with and without fine grog.

Shrinkage:  11% at C/8, 12% at C/10.
Absorption:  3% at C/8, 2.1% at C/10.

C/6 Ox.

551 V.P. Porcelain Clay - C/6

Very plastic white porcelain.  Good for throwing.  Does not contain ball clay.

Shrinkage:  13% at C/6.
Shrinkage:  13% at C/6
Absorption:  .3% at C/6

C/6 Ox.

365 Grolleg Porcelain Clay - C/6

Same as 257 but formulated to fire at a lower temperature.
Shrinkage:  13.5% at C/6.
Absorption:  .60% at C/6


WC‑379 B‑Mix Clay - C/10


A premier, cream-white, throwing clay that is easy to throw and form. Smooth porcelain texture. Fires gray/white in reduction and lighter in oxidation.

C/10 Ox.                      C/10 R.

257 Grolleg Porcelain Clay - C/8-10


A porcelain body with a parian like quality. It is white, tight and translucent when thin. Contains no ball clay.
Shrinkage:  13% at C/8, 15% at C/10.
Absorption:  1% at C/8, .65% at C/10.


WC‑899 B‑Mix Wood Fire Clay - C/13


B‑Mix Wood Fire Clay
A specially formulated version of Laguna's popular B-mix body for wood and salt firing. Takes Salt and Soda well and exhibits very nice flashing characteristics in wood firings. Holds up well in Cone 12 atmospheric firings.

C/6 Ox.                     .

213  Porcelain Clay - C/6


A white body formulated for cone 6 firings. Plastic, throwable clay.
Shrinkage:  12% at C/6
Absorption:  1.7% at C/6