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Sculpture & tile  Clays

West Michigan Clay carries a fine selection of low fire, mid fire, high fire, porcelain, white stoneware,  raku and sculpture clays from Standard Ceramic Supply Company and Laguna Clay Company.

C/2 Ox.                                   C/6 Ox. 

420 Sculpture Clay - C/2-6


 Our most heavily grogged body, formulated for sculpture and tile.  Sand color at Cone 6, off white at Cone 2.
Shrinkage:  7% at C/2, 8% at C/6.
Absorption:  8% at C/2, 1.5% at C/6.

Prices per pound

0.73    50 LBS
0.57    500 LBS
0.54    1000 LBS
0.51    2000 LBS
0.50    3000 LBS