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High fire Clays

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West Michigan Clay carries a fine selection of low fire, mid fire, high fire, porcelain, white stoneware,  raku and sculpture clays from Standard Ceramic Supply Company and Laguna Clay Company.

C/6 Ox.                        C/10 Ox.                   C/10 R.

306 Brown Firing Clay - C/6-10


Smooth throwing body. Orange-brown in reduction. Muted orange to C/4 oxidation. Gray at C/10 oxidation.
Shrinkage:  11.5% at C/6, 13% at C/10.
Absorption:  3.5% at C/6, 1% at C/10.

C/6 Ox.                      C/8 Ox.                 

308 Brooklyn Red Clay - C/4-8


Red stoneware body with sand and grog. Oxidation firing yields brick red at cone 6 and deep warm brown at cone 8.
Shrinkage:  12% at C/4, 13% at C/8.
Absorption:  2.5% at C/4, 1.0% at C/8.

C/6 Ox.                      C/10 Ox.                   C/10 R.

153 Stoneware Clay - C/6-10


153 STONEWARE CLAY (Cone 6-10)

A soft warm beige in oxidation - a rich gray brown in reduction. Responds well to all techniques. Excellent for production potters and classroom use.
Shrinkage: 11.5% at C/6, 13% at C/10.
Absorption:  5% at C/6, 2% at C/10.

    C/10  Ox.                            

WC-628 #900


This is considered by many to be the best clay for production pottery. Ideal for those who Sgraffito, wax resist and want a finer texture to minimize picking. Great for planters, etc. Slightly course texture. Oxidation: Buff

Reduction: Orange/Brown
Avg. Shrinkage           2±% 12.7%
Avg. Water Absorption 1±% 0.6%